Fresh from her Tala and UNIFIED success, the Popstar Royalty continues to shoot for the stars with another milestone that’s one for the books.



For this year, Sarah G was chosen to be Phoenix Super LPG’s muse during PBA’s 45th season for the 2020 Philippine Cup.



Popsters and basketball fans alike filled the Big Dome with cheers as Sarah G made her entrance to the court along with the fiery athletes of Team Phoenix. The Popstar Royalty was accompanied by the Governor of Phoenix Super LPG Fuelmasters, Raymond Zorrilla.



Still simple and chic as ever, Sarah G walked towards the court with grace as she waved to all PBA fans just like how a real Tala Queen would. She wore an elegant teal dress that matches the team’s color.


Instagram/ sarahgeronimoshots


With her recent marriage and her continuing success as an artist, it’s no surprise why her happiness radiated through her face as she made the PBA opening truly memorable with her presence.



Can’t get enough of Sarah G? Watch her viral Tala performance here:


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