It all started out with a big dream for Sarah Geronimo, and she has succeeded in turning that dream into a beautiful reality 16 years into the entertainment industry.

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Despite gaining phenomenal fame and success, the Popstar Royalty consistently gives utmost hard work and dedication in everything that she does.

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When it comes to acting, Sarah continues to take on different roles that challenge her talent and versatility as an actress.

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For instance, she is starring in an upcoming film entitled “Unforgettable,” and she is working with some of Philippine showbiz’s veteran actresses in it, so stay tuned!

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When it comes to performing, on the other hand, the Popstar Royalty has been traveling to different parts of the Philippines and the world to give her fans a concert experience that is unlike any other.

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One of her most recent concerts in the Philippines was held in Baguio City, and she brought the international concert stage to her home country in this world-class performance!

You can watch the video here!

How jaw-dropping is that?!


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