Without question, Popstar Royalty Sarah Geronimo and International R&B Sensation Billy Crawford are two of the most amazing performers in the country.


They are proven to have talents worthy to be called world-class. Sarah and Billy’s awards and accomplishments as artists speak for themselves.


From TV, movies, and music, these multimedia stars continue to improve their craft throughout their over a decade stay in the industry.


Last Sunday, Sarah and Billy performed together once again on the ASAP stage. They sang and danced to Ed Sheeran and Justin Bieber’s “I Don’t Care.” Click here to watch their electrifying performance!


Meanwhile, Billy’s comeback album, “Work In Progress,” is now available on Spotify and iTunes.

Sarah, on the other hand, is currently working on a new film by Jun Robles Lana, “Unforgettable.” She will be joined by actors such as Gina Pareño, Ara Mina, Yayo Aguila, Meg Imperial, and Kim Molina in this project.

For more updates on Billy, Sarah, and your favorite Viva artists, click here!



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