Sam Concepcion’s soulful rendition of “Ikot-Ikot,” originally by Sarah Geronimo, was recently released, and it made a lot of people even more excited for his upcoming dance musical movie with Nadine Lustre!

It was also one of the songs that Sam performed during his solo stage in “The CR3W” concert, and he gave the crowd all the kilig feels by serenading them with his heartfelt performance.

You can watch the video here!

“The CR3W” was certainly a concert like no other as Billy Crawford, James Reid and Sam showed, not only their world-class talent, but also a ton of surprises that left the crowd in awe!

After the hottest summer concert of 2019, Sam still has more exciting projects in store, such as his upcoming film with Nadine entitled “Indak,” so make sure to stay tuned for that!

The “La La Land” and “Step Up” inspired movie is directed by Paul Basinillo, so best believe that it is another must-watch film this year!


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