In one of the most anticipated remake of the decade, Sam Concepcion delivers in his latest music video of “Ikot-Ikot”!

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The hit song was popularized by the Popstar Royalty Sarah Geronimo back in 2013. It was composed by Thyro Alfaro, produced by Bojam De Belen and directed by the same director of award-winning videos, “Tala,” “Kilometro” and “Ikot-Ikot,” Paul Alexei Basinillo.

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This version of “Ikot-Ikot” is a stripped down rendition of the highly popular song. Almost acoustic in nature, it gives the audience a completely different feel. Sam Concepcion’s vocal is so soothing as he hits the right chords at the right time, blending the whole arrangement with the perfect instrumentation and sound design.

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The music video is refreshing to the eyes and pushes the limit of having long takes, giving the artist freedom to his interpretation of the song.

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It’s easy to conclude that the same director who won Music Video of the Year for Gloc-9’s “Hoy” MV, which was done in a magical one shot, has implemented the same style. Added elements of realism also make it even more of an eye candy with the contrast of hip hop and street.

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It was shot at night around Binondo area in Manila, braving the city streets, which gives the music video a cinematic feel. Kudos to the cinematographer Celwyn Abasolo for using his Ronin 2 rig to make the shots even more memorable!

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The design has grit and the styling gives Sam a more mature look. And we must admit, that scruffy look and the unguarded hairstyle is such a welcome relief from his usual pretty boy image. We hope to see more of this from Sam!

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Not to mention, his dance moves are unconventional and very contemporary. He is clearly into a zone when you see him own the street and turn it into his very own dance floor. We love his stunts and freedom of movement, which is something that we rarely see on-screen. This is all thanks to Coach Sherwin of G-Force.

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The hit song is believed to be a part of his upcoming concert in collaboration with JameS Reid and Billy Crawford called “The CR3W,” which will be held on April 5 at the Araneta Coliseum.

Aside from that, Sam is also currently shooting his latest film with the Multimedia Princess Nadine Lustre entitled “Indak.”

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Is Sam’s “Ikot-Ikot” MV a short preview of the upcoming movie? If it is, we certainly are very excited! Filipinos deserve more of these things since we all love to sing and dance. It’s probably a first in the industry and is gaining popularity as they release songs before the movie playdate.

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All in all, Sam Concepcion is on a different level. Let’s hope he continues this trend moving forward as he steps out of his comfort zone. Congratulations Sam!

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You can watch the highly anticipated music video here!


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