Beautiful, kind, and multi-talented, these are only some of the many reasons why Sarah Geronimo is admired by millions of fans and other young talents.

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For 16 years now, the Popstar Royalty has continuously worked hard in her craft, therefore gaining her numerous local and international awards.

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In fact, Sarah has gone above and beyond her dream of becoming a singer, as she is an award-winning actress as well. One of her most recent recognition is a Best Actress award from this year’s PMPC Star Awards for noteworthy portrayal in the 2018 film “Miss Granny.”

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Not to mention, the Popstar Royalty has also traveled all over the globe to headline one sold-out show after another, and give her fans an exceptional concert experience.

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Indeed, Sarah has come a long way as an artist, but her kindess and humility remain despite her phenomenal fame and success.

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Her heart is full of love for everyone around her, and she has a very special place in her heart for her very special love, whom you can get to know in this video!

Ang special love ni Sarah Geronimo! [raw footage]

Talaga namang sobrang sweet ni Sarah Geronimo ❤️

Posted by on Tuesday, August 20, 2019

How adorable was that?!


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