My ideal partner has to be...

What is the usual cause of your misundertandings?

What's your ideal date?

How did you first meet each other?

What's the most important to you in life?

Do you believe in love at first sight?

Which best describes you as a lover?

Pick a James Reid.

Pick a Nadine Lustre.

QUIZ: Which JaDine movie best describes your love life?
Diary ng Panget

You hated each other at first because of your differences, but as soon as you got to know him/her, slowly, you lowered down your walls and let him/her enter your life.
Talk Back and Your Dead

Your love is not perfect. There are a lot of problems and obstacles that come along the way, but knowing that you got each other's back is already enough.
Para sa Hopeless Romantic

You're a hopeless romantic. You enjoy the simple things which prove that the person you love cares about you. Immaturity could be an issue, but you're willing to forgive.
This Time

Friendship is the strong foundation of your relationship. Distance makes the heart grow fonder, but sometimes, it's also the reason why arguments arise. Patience and understanding strengthens the love that you two have.
Never Not Love You

The love that you have is very passionate. Being happy is the number one priority, but through time, you'll realize that it's not enough. You also need to plan for the future.

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