Concert and music video director Paul Basinillo expressed his happiness now that Sarah Geronimo’s This I5 Me concert can now be streamed trough Netflix.

He said, “Very fulfilling to see not just a Filipino content streaming on the Worldwide content giant but being selected and presented as a Netflix Original means a lot to me, Sarah and the rest of the team who made this show possible.”


Direk Paul added that aside from the concert itself, you will also be able to see behind-the-scenes and Sarah and the whole team’s journey into making the event successful.

The director has only nice things to say for the Popstar Royalty, he said that Sarah deserves to be known globally.

“I’m so happy. Seeing all these Intetnational content side by side our very own film concert makes me so proud. Specially for Sarah. I’ve done a lot of concert through the years and I think she deserve to be seen not just here in the Philippines but globally as well.

“Shes just a very very talented artist. I admire her work and her passion. And I guess you’ll see it here in the way we told her life story for the past 15 years.”

(c) Instagram/@sarahgeronimoshots

Meanwhile, watch out for Sarah’s upcoming film, Unforgettable showing in cinemas soon!





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