Andi Eigenmann did a lot of traveling in 2018, and the new year brings new opportunities for more exploring, not only for the actress, but for you as well!

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2019 can also a be a year filled with learnings, so why not start with our own country’s history? There are a lot of historical places in the Philippines; one being the province of Cavite.


In this episode of “Taralets,” Andi visited Kawit, Cavite to look back and gain more knowledge on Philippine history. Her first stop was the Aguinaldo Shrine, which is where the Philippine flag was first raised, and where the country’s independence was proclaimed.


The Museum is also where General Emilio Aguinaldo used to live back in the day, and his original artifacts are displayed for the public to see and learn from.


If you’re interested and would want to visit the Aguinaldo Shrine, it is open from Tuesday to Sunday at 8:00am to 4:00pm, and there is no entrance fee!


In the meantime, you can watch the video here to see what Andi witnessed inside the museum!


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