Nadine Lustre is a Grand Slam Best Actress, a bankable recording artist, a world class performer, chief creative officer, a make-up entrepreneur, a music video director, a top brand endorser, a fashion and beauty peg, a reality talent show judge, and more!

Nadine has captured fans not only from the country but from abroad also, through her top rating teleseryes, movies, and music! The FAMAS, URIAN, and YCC Best Actress has conquered the entertainment industry with her meaningful, creative, and intelligent career choices and projects. She did not settle with the typical leading lady roles of her generation, which is what sets her apart from the rest!

The Multimedia Princess expresses herself through her craft! Nadine performs with so much passion and love, which is why her supporters are always excited to watch her!

Good news for Nadine Lustre’s fans in Abu Dhabi! The multi-hyphenate will join the fun and festivities at The Galleria Al Maryah Island 12-hour block pary, happening on November 15! Nadine will be joined by other local and international artists and performers in the said event.


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(c) Humphry Fabila

Don’t miss this chance of seeing the Multimedia Princess Nadine Lustre perform live!

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