Multimedia Princess Nadine Lustre is a Grandslam Best Actress, a banakbale recording artist, a chief creative designer for her make-up line “Lustrous”, a total performer, a fashion and beauty trendsetter, one of the most sought after brand endorsers in the country, a reality talent show judge, and more!

Dubbed as “President Nadine” by her avid supporters, the multi-hyphenate redefined what it is to be a modern, leading Filipina woman.


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Nadine’s authenticity when it comes to her creative and career choices inspires her fans to be their realest self too! Though she has receieved countless bashing and negative comments from people about being different, the Lady Luster paved her own path and broke out of the stereoptypical leading lady image that is being forced upon her.


Nadine’s sincerity, passion, and dedication for her craft has helped her be the most awarded actress of her generation and one of the biggest stars of today!


This strong lady truly deserves all the blessings she’s receiving and we are so happy every time see her happy too!

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Speaking of Nadine Lustre being happy, let’s take a look back on this birthday surprise for our Multimedia Princess where she was beaming because of a super cute gift!

Find out the cute surprise gift down below:

Nadine Lustre's cute suprise gift!

Sobrang happy ni Nadine Lustre sa cute surpise na ito!

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