Nadine Lustre and James Reid have been together for more than two years now, and they seem to be going stronger each day! The two stars started out as friends when they worked together in the hit movie “Diary ng Panget.”

They eventually became the best of friends, but soon enough they realized that they mean more to each other. And finally in 2016, James and Nadine made it official, which their fans are more than happy about!

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The two of them have a lot of common interests, which make them even more compatible than mere on-screen chemistry. The Multimedia Couple share a love for traveling, music and photography, which they pursue during their free time.

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Speaking of spending time with each other, James and Nadine have been very busy with their respective showbiz commitments lately, but they still make sure to have some quality time.

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JaDine will certainly make you fall in love with love! And on the topic of love and relationship, Nadine revealed the craziest thing she’s done for James!

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“Nothing actually. Like it’s not crazy naman po. I think it’s still a bit parang medyo normal pa siya. I haven’t done anything super crazy for anyone before,” the Multimedia Princess initially answered in a recent interview with pikapika.

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She then continued, “I threw a party for him (James) 2 years ago. Surprise pool party. I think that’s crazy enough. I invited all of his friends and then he got there, and it was really fun.”

Indeed, James and Nadine are #RelationshipGOALS!


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