Nadine Lustre is one of the most sought-after multi-hyphenate Filipino stars of this generation, and she continues to thrive and inspire as she pursues her dreams!

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The Multimedia Princess is not only an actress, singer, performer, creative designer, and director, but also an inspiration to her millions of fans.

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This only means that she can make huge impact on other people’s lives. Nadine uses the platform that she has for the good though as she is advocating for a lot of positive cause.

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In a recent interview with Beauty Beat, the Multimedia Princess revealed the biggest lesson that she’s learned, which she wants to share to her fans.

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“The biggest lesson that I’ve learned is to never let anyone define you. Never let anyone tell you who you are. There was a point when people were saying, ‘Nadine is like this,’ ‘Nadine is like that,’ and I lost my way. It came to the point that I questioned myself: ‘Who am I?’ I didn’t know who I was anymore because they had this idea, concept or image of me that was not me. So just don’t let anybody tell you who you really are or what you want to be. Stay true to yourself,” Nadine stated.

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Indeed, her words are very powerful and inspiring, specially for the younger ones out there who may be feeling a bit lost and confused.


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