Nadine Lustre has conquered the country’s music, television, and film industry! She is a Grandslam and internationally acclaimed Best Actress, a bankable and chart-topping recording artist, a fashion and beauty peg, a chief creative designer, a music video director, a make-up entrepreneur, a top brand endorser, and more!

Nadine’s started her career as a host of a children’s show and later on became a member of a girl group. She then got her big break in “Diary Ng Panget” starring alongside reel to real partner, James Reid.


Nadine has been sweeping both music and acting award shows, silencing her haters and doubters. She has broken the mold of the stereotypical leading lady and is a star fueled by authenticity.

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Nadine’s fierce but genuine personality makes her so admirable. Despite the fame and success that she is experiencing now, she recognizes the importance of also spending time to take care of her health and peace. She currently on a break for the last quarter of the year, enjoying her well-deserved break!

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The Multimedia Princess was recently introduced as one of the judges of the newest reality talent competition, “Your Moment”.

In the interview below, Nadine shares her experiences during the early days of her career, what the word “moment” means to her, and what she’s looking for in contestants’ performances:

Also, today is Nadine Lustre day! Let’s all wish the one and only Lady Luster a Happy Birthday!

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