Nadine Lustre is undeniably one of the most sought-after Filipina actresses of this generation, and she continues to thrive as a multi-talented artist in the Philippine entertainment industry.

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The Multimedia Princess has done several movies and television shows in the past that were proven to be very successful, which is why a lot of people are looking forward to her upcoming film entitled “Ulan.”

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It is a coming-of-age movie directed by Irene Villamor, and she has three new leading men in it namely, Marco Gumabao, AJ Muhlach, and Carlo Aquino, so watch out for that!

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Aside from taping for “Ulan,” Nadine is also quite hands-on with the products that she releases under her very own make-up line in collaboration with a popular Australian cosmetics brand.

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Another thing to look for to is the Multimedia Princess’ upcoming “Step Up” inspired film with Sam Concepcion entitled “Indak,” so also stay tuned for that!

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Indeed, Nadine’s phenomenal fame continues, and along with it also comes the opportunity to work with some of the biggest and brightest stars in the industry.

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For instance, all the Kapamilya artists were recently gathered to record and shoot for this year’s ABS-CBN Christmas station ID, and the Multimedia Princess was able to bond with her fellow celebrities.

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In an interview with the Philippine Star, Nadine shared how she felt about being a part of ABS-CBN’s ‘Family is Love’ Christmas station ID saying:

“It feels great because this time it’s all of the artists and the celebrities in the station. So we’re happy to be part of it. I guess family is love kasi it’s a love that’s very unconditional something na hindi nabibilang and all like you’re always just there for each other for all the family members and not even that, the family can be a group of friends.”


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