The Multimedia Princess Nadine Lustre has always been an inspiration to her fans and to a lot of girls out there. We have seen her ups and downs in her career and even in her personal life, yet Nadine continued to fight and be the woman that she is today.


During the Pond’s Women Speak Forum, Nadine alongside other artists, Heart Evangelista, Kathryn Bernardo, Gabbi Garcia, and Ylona Garcia has to answer questions and talk about the issues that women face nowadays.


One of the things they were asked to comment on is about hesitations and how one should deal with it.

Nadine started, “Have an affirmation. In the beginning of the day, just look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself that ‘Whatever happens today, I can do it. I can get through it.’

“That’s what I do, even though I know it’s hard, it’s nerve-wracking, I just say whatever, I got this.”

Another advice Nadine shared was about accepting your own flaws

“Just be you. Accept all your flaws and your insecurities because it can help you. Have all these loved ones around you. Talk. Communicate. And just tell them what you feel because it helps a lot.”

Nadine added that it is also important to always be kind even to those who aren’t kind to you.


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