Nadine Lustre is one of the most sought-after Filipina actresses of this generation! Her phenomenal fame and success also mean that a lot of things about her are made known to the public.

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That being said, loyal JaDine fans and Naddicts out there know a lot of facts about the Multimedia Princess, which inspire and make them love her even more.

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However, Nadine recently revealed something about her tattoos that her supporters probably don’t know about up until now. She revealed how many tattoos she actually has and the meanings behind them!

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The Multimedia Princess also shared that one of her recent tattoos is dedicated to her late brother Isaiah.

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In a Random Questions interview with Pikapika, Nadine shared that she got a part of the lyrics of “Tadhana” tattooed on her brother’s death anniversary this year because it was one of his favorite songs.

Watch the video via the link below to see the rest of her interview!


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