After the trailer to Nadine Lustre’s upcoming movie Ulan was released, with its eerie vibe and the appearance of supernatural creatures like the tikbalang and ‘human-sized eggs’ many viewers got quite confused about its genre.

Is it a thriller? Horror? Definitely not drama, but is it really a love story?

In a statement with ABS-CBN News, the Multimedia Princess herself clarified that Ulan is really a story of romance.

“Wala siyang bahid ng horror, which is surprising for a lot of people. Ang iniisip talaga nila because may tikbalang, horror or thriller. It’s actually romance. It’s a love story. It’s about finding yourself,” she said.

In previous interviews, Carlo Aquino, also one of the stars in the film, said that it is some kind of magic realism — according to is a type of fiction that uses magical elements to make a point about reality.

In his statement with ABS-CBN Carlo explained that the tikbalangs and other creatures are because of Maya’s fascination with rain.

“Na-fuel pa ‘yun dahil sa mga kuwento ng lola niya tungkol sa mga tikbalang. Kapag kinakasal daw sila, umuulan tapos pinagbabawalan silang umibig. Habang lumalaki siya, nagkakaroon ng iba’t ibang kahulugan ng pagbuhos ng ulan,” he said.

Ulan will be showing in cinemas on March 13, and will also star Marco Gumabao, AJ Muhlach, Elia Ilano, and many more. It is directed by Irene Villamor.

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