Nadine Lustre and Sam Concepcion have joined forces to give you yet another must-watch film entitled “Indak”!

It is a dance musical movie directed by Paul Basinillo, and it is inspired by the hit Hollywood films “Step Up” and “La La Land,” so expect a lot of competitive level dance routines from the two stars.

A lot of people are already looking forward to seeing “Indak” on the big screen, and their excitement was heightened when Sam and Nadine did an all-out dance number with Indak Pilipinas during “The CR3W”!

Their energy-filled performance is just a sneak peek of what to expect from “Indak,” so stay tuned!

The story of “Indak” revolves around an island girl (Nadine) whose dance video becomes viral. A city boy (Sam) discovers her video and invites her to be a part of the dance group called Indak Pilipinas.

The duo, together with the rest of the group, will then compete against other teams from different parts of the world.

Isn’t it so exciting?! “Indak” is a film that you definitely wouldn’t want to miss!


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