Sarah Geronimo is having quite a busy, but blessed start to the year as she continues to achieve incredible accomplishments.

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The Popstar Royalty recently traveled to Qatar for the continuation of her “This 15 Me” world tour in celebration of her 15th anniversary in showbiz.

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After that, Sarah G had the honor of performing at the historic Papal visit in United Arab Emirates! She did 10 performances, and as expected, slayed each and everyone of them.

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One of the songs that the Popstar Royalty performed was Miley Cyrus’ hit song entitled “The Climb.”

Her performance was heartfelt, and the song gave a positive message that was as powerful as Sarah’s voice! She effortlessly belted high notes, which left the audience in awe.

There is no denying that the Popstar Royalty’s talent is of world-class caliber, and there’s also no stopping her as she continues to dominate both local and international live shows and concerts!

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