Sarah Geronimo has been in the entertainment industry for 16 years now, and she continues to thrive as one of the biggest and brightest Filipino stars of this generation!

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You say it, and the Popstar Royalty has probably done it in her career.

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Releasing albums that went multi-platinum? Sarah has checked that off the list!

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Starring in films that were a blockbuster hit? You bet, that she has done that several times in the past!

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How about performing in sold-out shows and concerts? Of course the Popstar Royalty has slayed numerous concerts locally and internationally!

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Speaking of world-class song and dance numbers, look back on some of Sarah G’s most iconic performances by watching this compilation video!

Throwback with the Iconic Sarah Geronimo!

Talaga namang nakaka-proud ang ating Popstar Royalty noon pa man!

Posted by on Friday, March 8, 2019

Indeed, the Popstar Royalty never fails to leave her audiences in awe of her powerful singing voice and all-out performances!

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2018 was a blessed year for Sarah G after starring in her latest blockbuster film “Miss Granny,” as well as doing a world tour called “This 15 Me” in celebration of her 15th anniversary in showbiz.

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This year is also a jam-packed year for the Popstar Royalty as she has a lot of exciting projects in store, so stay tuned!


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