Nadine Lustre has been very busy juggling multiple showbiz commitments lately. She is the Chief Creative Designer of her very own make-up line in collaboration with a popular Australian cosmetics brand, and she is quite hands-on with the products that she releases.

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The Multimedia Princess has also been taping for her upcoming film entitled “Ulan.” Aside from that, she will also be starring in an upcoming dance musical movie entitled “Indak.”

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The film will be directed by director Paul Basinillo, and Nadine will be working with close friend Sam Concepcion. The two stars are very excited to be working with each other on their first big project together.

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However, both of them also admitted to feeling a bit nervous because they were just recently informed about the film. “Indak” will have a lot of dancing in it as it is inspired by the Hollywood movies “La La Land” and “Step Up,” so watch out for that!

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Aside from starring in movies, the Multimedia Princess is also considered as one of the celebrity fashion icons of this generation. This is why it’s no surprise that she has graced a lot of magazine covers throughout her years in the entertainment industry.

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With that being said, Nadine was yet again on the cover of MEGA Magazine’s November issue together with Georgina Wilson and Maymay Entrata, and here is the behind-the-scenes video of their stunning photo shoot!


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