James Reid and Nadine Lustre went from Team Reel to Real in 2016, and their love story certainly makes people fall in love with love!

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The Multimedia Couple started out as just a loveteam when they worked together in the hit movie “Diary ng Panget.” After that, they remained as good friends while working on several more projects together.

As they continued to work with each other, James and Nadine became closer as best friends and even considered each other as a ‘partner in crime.’

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Eventually, the two of them realized that they mean more to each other than just as best friends, and they finally made their relationship official.

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The rest is history, as they say, and James and Nadine are now celebrating their 3rd year anniversary as a couple!

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JaDine’s love story is definitely one for the books as it makes people have hope for a ‘forever’ kind of love.

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Speaking of forever, celebrate James and Nadine’s 3rd year to forever with this super kilig performance!

Maniwala muli sa forever kasama ang JaDine!

Maniwala muli sa forever kasama ang JaDine! Happy 3rd anniversary, #TeamReal!

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