James Reid and Nadine Lustre are unstoppable as they continue their reign as the Multimedia Couple of Philippine showbiz!

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The two of them have been on their A game as they slay one showbiz commitment after another.

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Despite their busy showbiz schedules, James and Nadine still make sure to spend some quality time with each other, which is very sweet indeed.

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Last February, the Multimedia Couple celebrated their 3rd year anniversary by going on a short but memorable getaway, which created a buzz among their fans after both of them posted sweet photos on Instagram.

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James and Nadine continue to break boundaries in their respective careers, as well as in their relationship.

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Indeed, their journey as Team Real is one for the books as they went from being just an on-screen loveteam, to becoming the best of friends, and now one of the most successful celebrity couples in the Philippines!

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Speaking of their noteworthy love story, take a look at this romantic performance of JaDine as they gave off prince and princess vibes!

It seems like the two of them came out of a fairy tale book, don’t you think?!


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