Cristine Reyes is one of the most sought-after Filipina actresses of this generation, and she has been very busy juggling one showbiz commitment after the other lately.

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The actress has 2 movies lined up for 2019; the first one being her first-ever action film entitled “MARIA.”

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The movie is directed by Pedring Lopez, and it revolves around the story of a former assassin Lily who begins her new life as Maria. However, her new life is cut short when the cartel learns of her whereabouts.

In preparation for the showing of the film in cinemas, Cristine and the other cast of “MARIA” has been promoting for it through a movie tour that is jam-packed with fans who want to see and support them in person.

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Both the celebrities and fans seem to be having a lot of fun, and Cristine even tried the ‘Switch It Up’ Dance Challenge in one of the mall shows!

“MARIA” will be showing in cinemas nationwide on the 27th of March, so stay tuned!

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In the meantime, you can watch the trailer here!


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