Anne Curtis has been in the entertainment industry for 21 years now, and she continues to thrive as one of the biggest and brightest Filipino stars of this generation!

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Anne is considered to be the Queen of Philippine movies in 2018 as she starred in back-to-back films in the previous year.

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First off was her hit movie with Dingdong Dantes entitled “Sid and Aya: Not A Love Story,” which earned P80 million in just 7 days!

Next up was her first-ever action film “BuyBust,” which was in the making for 2 years. All of the cast and crew’s hard work paid off though as it became a part of two internatrional film festivals.

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She also starred in the horror movie “Aurora,” directed by Filipino Hollywood filmmaker Yam Laranas. The film was one of the entries in the 2018 Metro Manila Film Festival, and it won a total of 6 awards!

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2018 may be over now, but the new year has even more exciting projects in store for Anne. In fact, 2019 is just beginning, but the actress has already started preparing for her next film!

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Indeed, this year is going to be another busy one for Anne, and you can be up to date on her showbiz life by tuning in to VIVA TV’s ANNEbishowsa every Tuesday at 7PM!

You can also watch other episodes on VIVA TV’s official YouTube channel!


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