Nadinr Lustre and Sam Concepcion will be starring in one of the year’s most-awaited movie, entitled Indak. It will be a dance musical movie that will be directed by the award-winning music video and concert director, Paul Basinillo.

They have started filming and even went to locations like Bantayan Island, and more recently, South Korea.

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Recently, the movie’s Musical Director, Johann Garcia talked to PUSH about her experience working with the Indak team.

She mentioned that she has worked with Direk Paul before.

“I’ve worked with Direk Paul before, and it is such an honor to be working with him again for Indak. I really like Direk’s artistic perspective and vision in his work, and how he executes this in detail. Everything is always carefully thought of, and he is very collaborative and open to ideas. I appreciate that trust and I respect him a lot for it,” she said.

On Nadine and Sam, Johann explained how easy it was to work with them.

“It’s my first time working with Sam and Nadine, and it is a privilege to be working with these very talented artists. I also appreciate that because they have their own background in music, they understand certain aspects of music in their performances both on camera, and in the recording studio.”

She added, “It is a collaboration of amazing artists, from the songwriters, music producers, singers, and dancers. From veteran award-winning composers to fresh new artists, the amazing work of G-Force and other dance groups, all put together by a great production team and director, there’s so much to look forward to.”

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