Janine Teñoso picks “Tala” and “Kilometro” by Sarah G as her top songs to dance to!



Asia’s Popstar Royalty Sarah Geronimo is an award-winning artist, sold-out concert entertainer, total performer, box-office queen, makeup mogul, host, fashion and beauty peg, top brand endorser, Voice coach, and more!




The Asia’s Popstar Royalty has given us timeless hits that we sing, dance, and listen to!

Instagram / sarahgeronimoshots


Instagram / sarahgeronimoshots


There is always a Sarah G song for every emotion, especially when it comes to love and heartbreak.


Instagram / sarahgeronimoshots


A great example is Sarah G’s 2016 hit “Tala” that talks about taking risks and being happy, whatever the outcome of the relationship.


Instagram / sarahgeroonimoshots


It’s meaningful lyrics, upbeat sound and iconic dance moves makes it the best song to dance your heart out to!





“Tala” has now over 70 million views on Youtube and is considered as the country’s sensational dance craze!



Another powerful love song by Sarah G her hit “Kilometro” which was released in 2014! It talks about a love that is faced by challenges, but is also willing to make things right in the end.


These two dance hits were named as the best songs to listen to by our very own OST Princess Janine Teñoso!

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Check out Janine Teñoso’s Top 5 songs as she shares her favorites in the video below:

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