Popstar Royalty Sarah G is dedicated to giving her all in any performances.

Be it may a small production number or an all-out concert like the upcoming “TALA: The Film Concert” this March 27, 2021, Sarah G is geared to sing and dance her way!

In recent Instagram posts by G-Force members, whom the star has been working with for years, Sarah G is seen rehearsing various dance moves while singing.

Jaja Dapat-Sy of G-Force posted yet another teaser clip of the star! Teacher Georcelle posted the first two teaser videos of the star in rehearsals.


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She’s also seen with Gelai Aguzar, another member of G-Force and one of Sarah G’s longtime dancers.

Fans can’t wait to watch the Popstar Royalty’s fruit of hard work!

“TALA: The Film Concert” is happening this March 27, 2021. Local and worldwide audiences can watch! Head to ktx.ph to buy your tickets!

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