2018 was a breakthrough year for Yam Concepcion in terms of her career. She has done several movies and television shows in the past, but the hit drama series “Halik” is her most popular one to date.

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Because of her incredible portrayal of Jade, Yam won two awards in 2018. She won the Trending Actress award at the Philippine Social Media Awards, as well as her first Best Actress award at the Gawad Pilipino Awards.

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Yam’s bida-kontrabida role in “Halik,” is both loved and hated by the viewers, which just goes to show how talented and effective she is as an actress.

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Yam received a lot of blessings in 2018, and she welcomed the new year right by going on a snowy trip to Niseko, Japan!

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She had a lot of fun playing with snow.

Of course, the actress also enjoyed some delicious food and beverage!

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That’s one huge pint!

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She also had a blast snowboarding down the mountain slope.

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It’s a very happy new year for Yam indeed!

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