2019 just started and we have a lot of Filipino films to look forward for the rest of the year, but before that, we have seen award-winning movies from the previous year that definitely left a mark. What are the best films of 2018 for you?

Multimedia Royalties James Reid and Nadine Lustre’s latest film “Never Not Love You” is included in a number of “best Filipino films of 2018” list by news sites, movie critics, and netizens.

A thread by @deeprixers on Twitter compiled all of them!

Directed by Antoinette Jadaone, “Never Not Love You” tells the story of young and reckless love. It was featured in 2018’s International Film Festival of India andĀ received positive reviews from the foreign audience.

WATCH: India Film Fest rep shares audience reaction on JaDineā€™s ā€˜Never Not Love Youā€™

Published on Rappler, movie critic Oggs Cruz described it as “not just a love story” but “an involving snapshot of dreams and ambitions and how they collide with the economic realities and romantic fantasies.”

Meanwhile, Philbert Dy, who is known for his honest and fearless reviews, said that it “smartly examines romance in pragmatic terms.”

Blogger John Tawasil stated that the movie “represents the latest evolutionary step in the progression of romantic cinema, a mature and subdued love story where economic and class differences intersect with other millennial concerns.”

We can’t wait to see another quality JaDine film in the future! Meanwhile, the teaser for Nadine’s “Ulan” with “Sid & Aya: Not A Love Story” director Irene Villamor just came out and it already intrigued a number of viewers!

Ulan Teaser [COMING SOON]

Heto na ang ULAN! #UlanMovie COMING SOON!

Posted by VIVA Films on Wednesday, January 2, 2019

James, on the other hand, will be filming soon for the Pinoy superhero film “Pedro Penduko” after undergoing an intense training.

For more updates on JaDine and your favorite Viva artists, click here.


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