LOOK: This guy transforms himself into James Reid!


You won’t believe this just happened! A guy named Miguel Peralta could pass off as Multimedia Prince James Reid’s double, even his twin brother.

(c) Instagram/mac_igarta

Without prosthetic and just makeup alone, he amazingly transformed as James on the latest video he posted on his Instagram account.

According to Miguel, a lot of people say that he has some resemblance with the Multimedia Prince even without makeup.

James’ personal makeup artist, Mac Igarta, even shared it on his Instagram with the caption, “This is so cool @miguelpxralta! @james is speechless!”

Meanwhile, catch James together with International R&B Sensation Billy Crawford and Total Performer Sam Concepcion at their “The CR3W Live in Concert” on April 5 at the Big Dome.

Special guests include Nadine Lustre, Coleen Garcia, and Yassi Pressman. Expect all-out and big performances! For inquiries, call TicketNet at 911-5555, or VIVA Live at 687-7236.

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