Sarah Geronimo has been serving as an inspiration to young talents and her millions of fans for 16 years now, and there is just no stopping her from pursuing her dreams and aspirations!

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The Popstar Royalty has probably done it all in her career throughout those years, from starring in blockbuster films, releasing multi-platinum records, to performing in sold-out shows and concerts.

As a talented and versatile actress, Sarah continues to challenge herself by taking on different roles. In fact, her most recent film entitled “Miss Granny” is said to be her most noteworthy portrayal to date.

As an award-winning singer, the Popstar Royalty has headlined countless of sold-out concerts, not only in the Philippines, but also in different countries all over the world.

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Whether it be slaying energy-filled dance numbers, or belting out high notes, Sarah G never fails to give her audience a concert experience that is unlike any other!

On that note, you can watch this video of the Popstar Royalty’s todo birit performance that will surely leave you speechless!


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