For over 15 years, Sarah Geronimo has been thriving in the Philippine entertainment industry, making her one of the biggest and brightest Filipino stars of this generation!

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Indeed, the Popstar Royalty is the pride of Filipinos all over the globe as she continues to achieve amazing accomplishments.

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Just recently, Sarah performed at the historic Papal visit, which was held in United Arab Emirates. She did a total of 10 performances; one of which was Bamboo’s “Noypi.”

Prior to the Papal event, the Popstar Royalty also traveled to Qatar for the continuation of her “This 15 Me” world tour in celebration of her 15th anniversary in showbiz.

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Award-winning actress, singer and overall performer, Sarah G holds all of these titles and more as she is also now considered as the ‘Ultimate Brand Endorser’ of Philippine showbiz!

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Want to see the Popstar Royalty in action as an ‘Ultimate Brand Endorser’? You can do so by watching Popstar Diaries on VIVA TV channel every Monday at 7PM!

The latest episode will also be replayed on the following schedule:

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You can also watch more full episodes of Popstar Diaries here!


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