James Reid and Nadine Lustre just dropped their latest music video on January 20, Sunday, it was of their duet entitled Summer.

(c) Instagram/@nadine

The dreamy video gained a lot of positive feedback from their fans and also a lot of theories. But overall, the music video was next level, aesthetically pleasing, and it definitely made us more proud of what Jadine can still do.

(c) Instagram/@careless,music.manila

Nadine absolutely looked incredibly gorgeous in the music video but let us not forget just how hot James is with his smize and cool voice!

Let us all admire this beaut even more with these photos:

Doesn’t he just look perfect? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Meanwhile, aside from his music, James is currently busy training for his upcoming role in the Pinoy fantasy film, Pedro Penduko. He undergoes weapon, martial arts training, and also parkour.

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