Nadine Lustre is having quite a busy year so far as she continues to juggle one showbiz commitment after another lately, starting off with her two movies lined up for 2019.

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After working on her coming-of-age film “Ulan,” which was well-received by the public, the Multimedia Princess is now starring in yet another must-watch movie entitled “Indak.”

INDAK Teaser [Coming Soon]

Volume is up!Stage is on fire!Groove to your passion!Philippines’ greatest dancers step out of the ordinary and come together for most epic dance movie of the year, INDAK! Starring the total performer, Sam Concepcion and the Multimedia Princess, Nadine Lustre! #IndakTeaserCOMING SOON!

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She is working with her close friend Sam Concepcion in the dance musical film, and it is their first major project together, which is why a lot of people are already very excited to see it on the big screen!

Aside from doing award-winning movies, Nadine is also very busy with back-to-back endorsements.

Versatile actress, singer, overall performer, director, chief creative designer, and successful entrepreneur, the Multimedia Princess holds all of these titles and more as she is also a beauty and fashion icon in the Philippine entertainment industry.

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Nadine exudes the kind of beauty that is confident and timeless, therefore capturing, not only the eyes, but also the hearts of many!

Just take a look at how absolutely stunning she is in this video!

Timeless Beauty ni Nadine Lustre!

All eyes on Nadine Lustre!

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