You know you’ve found home in a movie when you just can’t help but re-watch it and still be mesmerized.

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From the nostalgic performance of Fely to the endearing character of Odrey, it was definitely a blockbuster movie that touched the hearts of families and grandkids alike.


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Miss Granny starring Sarah Geronimo and Nova Villa might have hit the theaters more than a year ago now but it still rings a long-lasting impact to the viewers due to its heartwarming storytelling and genuine performances from the cast.


Instagram/ sarahgeronimoshots


Below are the iconic scenes which will surely bring back the feels:


  1. Minnie confronts Odrey.

This scene with Kim Molina’s character just added a playful but intense encounter to Odrey’s journey.


2. Odrey threatens Lorenz with a fish.

Well, it’s not everyday that you get threatened by vegetables and sea creatures. Enough said.


3. Jeboy invites Odrey to his band.

The on-screen chemistry between Sarah G and James Reid in this scene is just too charming not to watch!


4. Odrey performs ‘Isa Pang Araw’ for Jeboy.

The powerful ballad creates just the right punch to this heartbreaking scene.


5. Odrey comforts her son.

This scene perfectly encapsulates the extent of a mother’s love. Get ready for the waterworks.

Up for some Miss Granny watch party with the family? Stream it on Netflix now!


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