The official lyric video of “’Di Aaminin” by Vanessa Mendoza.

Singer-songwriter Vanessa Mendoza brings her brand of indie-tinged pop on her debut single release entitled “‘Di Aaminin.” Here, the young singer-guitarist–whose a future teacher in training—shows her knack for the catchiest of melodies at her first stab at original songwriting.
In “’Di Aaminin,” our heroine tries her best to hold back on her feelings, after all, she’s the shy girl in this particular boy-won’t-make-a-move situation. She barely succeeds at it, but seeing her try and fumble in love endears her to her listener. It also helps that Vanessa Mendoza crafted quite the hook-laden, acoustic flavoured pop tune in her first go.

“’Di Aaminin”
Composed by: Vanessa Mendoza
Published by: Viva Music Publishing, Inc.

Now available in all digital music platforms.
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Produced by: Civ Fontanilla
Arranged by: Mike Villegas

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