Christmas is officially over, and there are only a few days left before 2018 comes into conclusion. People are buzzing with excitement to start the new year right with set goals to achieve!

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Ending the current year and beginning the new one also mean that the holiday festivities are about to end, which makes people a bit sad to bid farewell to all the merriment and good food.

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There’s no reason to fret though as the new year is filled with wonderful possibilities, and delicious leftovers for you to enjoy while reminiscing on the most wonderful time of the year that has flown by!

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In the Philippines, one of the most common food prepared on the dining table during the holiday season is lechon. This also means that a lot of scrumptious lechon leftovers can be used as a main ingredient to try out new recipes!


On that note, here are three lechon recipes for you to try out and enjoy after all the holiday festivities!

Lechon Sliders

Hangover Munggo

Lechon Pasta


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