Kim Molina Plays Giant Jenga


Kim Molina is not only known for being a talented actress across all platforms, be it film, tv, or theatre, but also for her quirkiness and sense of humor. This is why her vlog along with her boyfriend Jerald Napoles, called KimJe TV (Watch out, KimYe!), has become one a must-see!

Remember their Bagsakan video that went viral on Facebook? In just a couple of days of being uploaded, it has already garnered millions of views and likes. I mean, who can resist seeing a wacky couple do a rendition of this well-loved rap song? (Watch it here:

The couple continues to make cute and candid content, as they now venture onto gigantic board games – this time using a Giant Jenga set.

What’s adorable about this video is how it gives us a peek into the daily life of Kim – not as we have loved her as the heart-broken Joan in Camp Sawi, nor as Elsa in #Jowable, but entirely as Kim Molina, the joyful, funny and talented girl she is.

You can see more of KimJe’s videos on their Youtube channel, KimJe TV and to get more updates on Kim Molina, Jerald Napoles and other Viva Artists, follow Viva Entertainment on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

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