Kakaibabe Donnalyn Bartolome, Now An Underwater Tiktok Queen!


There is no doubt that Donnalyn Bartolome is one of the fun, creative artists to watch of this generation. She rose to fame by giving fans viral hits one after another, like ‘Kakaibabe’, ‘Huwag Siya’, and more. Then, she eventually went on to play roles we will grow to love in various films.

Needless to say, she knows how to entertain, and she knows what the fans want! Which is why social media has become her power. This is why when she started a Youtube vlog, people were quick to follow – and she did not disappoint!

While she is already a Tiktok star (You can see her Tiktok videos here), she though she’d change it up by doing the viral tiktok dances with a twist – she wants to do it underwater!

In the video, Donnalyn shares that she thought the video would be easy to film, but she later realized how difficult it was to dance underwater. But of course, she also says, it will all be worth it if her fans and followers enjoyed the content – and yes, we did!

We don’t know how she managed to do those Tiktok challenges underwater – but it was fun to watch her try (and succeed at it – I mean, who even looks that good underwater?

Here you can see Donnalyn dancing to Señorita, Boss Up, and It Really Hurts.

If you haven’t already, you can watch the full vlog below:

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