The fever is still on for “Just A Stranger” starring Anne Curtis and Marco Gumabao, as it reaches the P 100 million gross despite being R-16 movie!

Aside from this huge achievement by team behind this steaming movie, fans abroad will soon have the chance to catch it because international screenings for “Just A Stranger” in Canada and USA have been announced! Check out VIVA’s official Facebook and Instagram pages for more updates!

At their blockbuster film’s victory party held last night, Anne and Marco expressed their gratitude to the fans for their unwavering support and reactions. “Just A Stranger” caused social media frenzy because of its memorable lines and unpredictable story twists!

Meanwhile, “Just A Stranger” director Jason Paul Laxamana shared a snippet of Anne’s online workshop for her heavy scenes as “Mae”. Click on the video below!

Discover Mae and Jericho’s May-December forbidden love story as “Just A Stranger” enters its 3rd blockbuster week! Catch it in your favorite cinemas nationwide!

Watch the trailer below:


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