One of Julia Barretto’s highly requested video has finally come to her Youtube channel—her abs workout routine!

“Finally we are doing it, I have been getting a lot of messages about my ab workout routine. Since last year you guys have been requesting for this and today we’re finally sharing it with you,” Julia said.

However, before the workout even started, Julia confesses that she hasn’t done an intense workout for months because “life happened” (and we clearly get you, Julia!).

Still, Julia reminds everyone that it isn’t an excuse to not prioritize physical health.

“Dapat nakakahanap tayo ng time para mag-exercise, to take care of our physical health,” the actress explained.

According to the actress, she does all this ab workout routine for 3 sets for 30 seconds each. Resting after each routine is totally okay!

Here’s Julia’s Ab Workout Routine:


Lying Toe Touches

Heel Tap

Up-Down Plank

Leg Raise

Side Crunch

Rotational Crunches

Planks (30 seconds)

Julia’s Pro tip: do side planks if planking still is getting difficult for you!

Follow how Julia Barretto does these routine and more here:

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