From all the issues she faced in the entirety of her showbiz career, Julia Barreto learned how to weigh opinions that matter to those that don’t.

She answered this in episode 2 of Dani Barretto’s Youtube series called “Questions I Never Asked”.

In the video, Dani asked Julia personal questions about how she is now, her 5-year plan, the state of her heart and mind, among others.

The sisters also touched on the subject of how Julia coped being misjudged often in the public eye.

According to Julia, she has learned to first ask God for grace.

“As regards to the judgment I feel like just learned how to compartmentalize things, ‘what matters’ and ‘what doesn’t matter”

To Julia, it is the opinion of people in her life matters to her now.

“But if we’re talking about from people in my life, I’m just glad that I’ve really become more picky with who I want to be in my life because now I know that the judgments are always constructive and they’re always because out of concern or it’s just to help make me a better person and to guide me,”

Julia also said that her mindset of pressing forward helped her.

“When I’m in a really dark place in my life, I always hold on to the hope that maybe tomorrow’s better. And when tomorrow really is better I’m like ‘Oh thank God I held on,'”

Watch their entire conversation here:

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