For Viva artists, Marco Gumabao and Julia Barretto, it’s okay to take control and take the initiative aka ‘make the first move’ in relationships.

The two have done Youtube videos together with Julia inviting Marco for the first episode of ‘Drink and Spill’. Now, the actor invited the actress for a chicken wings mukbang while answering some relation and personal questions.

From Marco confessing he stole money from his mother and got caught, to Julia believing she’s a good kisser, a question was asked where the two both agree—make the first move!

“For example, you like someone tapos wala siyang ginagawa? What will you do? Like, would you just sit back and relax and wait for that person to?” the actor further explained.

On her part, Julia shared the question was similar to the question they both answered in her ‘Drunk and Spill’ video.

“Me I believe, if you like someone there’s nothing wrong in letting them know and feel it. Even if I’m the woman, even if I’m the girl, you’ll know that I like you,” Julia said.

The actor agreed and even shared the time when he told his interest in her back then.

“Let them know. Parang yung ginawa ko kay Julia kahit na nakakahiya,” the actor laughingly said.

“If you like someone always take the initiative to tell him or her,” he added.

And it looks like netizens are taking the tip well as the video is currently on #24 on Youtube’s trending page.

Besides this tip, the two also shared their perspective on relationships and more. Watch the full vlog here.

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