The Multinedia Prince James Reid and his reel-to-real partner Nadine Lustre is definitely one of the most adventurous showbiz couples. If you count their travels in a year, you too would probably be encouraged to pack your bags and start trekking that mountain or take a plane to a beautiful beach somewhere.


They have been in a lot of beaches here in the Philippines and of course they have also traveled abroad together and sometimes with their closest friends and family.


In a recent interview with PUSH during an event for his newest brand endorsement, James shared that this summer, he still wants to go travel if he could make time amidst his super busy schedule.

James also suggested some places and things to do for those who wants to start their own adventure.

“Number one, I would recommend hiking. There’s so many places you can go. A personal favorite of mine which is not too hard to get to is in Baguio, Benguet. The mountain province is one of my favorite places to go to.

“Two, Siargao for the surfing and there’s so much to explore there. Number three, if budget is not a problem, go to Japan. Tokyo is a crazy adventure,” he enumerated.

When asked about his personal favorite summer place, James readily answered Siargao.

“Siargao is my favorite place right now. Surfing on the reef break is a really great experience. I encourage everyone to go out and experience everything in nature, whether it be in the mountains or the ocean. There’s always an adventure to be had.”

For his next trip, he mentioned how he wants to hike a trail in Nepal with his friends.

Are you guys excited for the next Jadine adventure? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Meanwhile, catch James every weekend as a judge in ABS-CBN’s newest reality singing show, Idol Philippines.






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