Millennial Multi-hyphenate Nadine Lustre seems to have everything, including a very supportive boyfriend who is none other than Multimedia Prince James Reid.


Last night, Nadine bagged a total of four trophies at this year’s MYX Music Awards: Music Video of the Year (“St4y Up”), Artist of the Year, Female Artist of the Year, and Media Soundtrack of the Year (“Prom” with James).

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You could see how happy James is for his girlfriend just by seeing his reaction every time Nadine’s name was called up on stage. How sweet is that?

Nadine previously shared what James said the night she told him she’s going to attend the FAMAS awards ceremony. He expressed how confident he is that Nadine will bring home the Best Actress award.

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They are really each other’s number one supporter. Nadine has always been vocal that she is very proud of James’ achievements, especially with his flourishing music label. When she received the award last night, Nadine did not forget to thank him for writing her song, “St4y Up.”

It was three years since James and Nadine became a couple and their relationship is only getting stronger. Their respective careers have also gone to another level.

Team Real just came from a short vacation in El Nido, Palawan to celebrate James’ 26th birthday. Now, they are back to work with James as an “Idol” judge and Nadine as the lead star of the upcoming dance musical film, “Indak.”


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