This month, James Reid and Nadine Lustre did not only celebrate Valentine’s Day, but also their 3rd year anniversary as a couple!

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The two of them went on a romantic getaway, which created a buzz among their fans after a lot of super sweet photos were uploaded on their respective Instagram accounts.

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This just goes to show that they still make sure to spend some quality time with each other no matter how busy they are with their individual showbiz commitments.

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James and Nadine continue to give their fans all the kilig feels, and they have been very successful in doing so ever since “Diary ng Panget” days!

Aside from their on-screen chemistry, the Multimedia Couple also have a love story that is one for the books as they started from just being a loveteam to now being on their 3rd year to forever as Team Real!

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Aside from making their fans fall in love with their romantic movies and television shows, James and Nadine also give their fans all the kilig feels during their super sweet performances!

For instance, the Multimedia Couple’s performance in this video made the crowd wild with kilig and excitement because how can you not feel that way when James and Nadine are on stage?!

JaDine's Pasabog "Hanap-Hanap" Performance!

Damang-dama ang JaDine fever! Panoorin!

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