James Reid and Nadine Lustre’s “Summer” music video was the talk of the town after it was released, and it has received a lot of positive feedback from the netizens!

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It has also been gaining numerous views on YouTube, making it one of the trending videos on the site.

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Not to mention, “Summer” has been the topic of conversation among JaDine fans as it has a lot of meaning behind it. People have different theories about certain scenes in the video, but it seems like no one was able to guess accurately.

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All of your curiosities will be answered though because James and Nadine promised to reveal the hidden meanings once the “Summer” music video reaches 1 million views!

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It currently has more than 898,000 views, so JaDine fans only have a couple more to go!

James’ record label announced via Twitter that the Multimedia Couple will do a live stream on the label’s Instagram page once the target of views is reached.

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According to the tweet, “So a lot of you guys have been wondering what the story behind Summer’s Music Video is.
As you guys requested, once the video hits 1,000,000 views, Nadine and James will livestream on the Careless IG Page and tell you guys all about the hidden meaning! Almost there guys!”

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You can also find out more about the “Summer” music video in advance from the latest episode of #JaDine on VIVA TV channel. New episodes are aired every Wednesday at 7PM.

Meanwhile, the latest episode will be replayed on the following schedule:

Thursday     – 3AM, 11AM
Friday         – 3:30PM
Saturday     – 1AM, 2PM
Sunday       – 6AM, 11:30PM
Monday       – 4:30AM, 9:30PM
Tuesday      – 4PM
Wednesday – 5:30AM


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