Multimedia Royalties James Reid and Nadine Lustre are two of the most in-demand artists of their generation.


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After getting their biggest break with ‘Diary ng Panget’ in 2014, James and Nadine skyrocketed to fame.

But success didn’t come in an instant for the both of them. Nadine has been in the industry more than half of her life. She experienced a lot of rejections and almost gave up.

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James, on the other hand, had a few shows after winning ‘Pinoy Big Brother’ but his popularity didn’t last long.

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Now, they already accomplished a lot as a tandem and as individual artists from blockbuster films, phenomenal teleseryes, chart-topping singles, countless awards, sold-out shows and concerts here and abroad.

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Nadine is almost done shooting for ‘Ulan’ and is set to star in a dance musical film with Sam Concepcion in 2019. Meanwhile, James’ shoot for ‘Pedro Penduko’ is about to start soon after undergoing super intense training.

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This year, before having separate projects, they have proven once again that their pairing is not all about ‘kilig’ but also worthy of acting awards.

James and Nadine’s latest film ‘Never Not Love You’ which tells the story of young, carefree, and reckless love moved a lot of viewers.

As a matter of fact, it has been included in the 49th International Film Festival of India in Goa and its premiere recently is jam-packed!

Directed by ‘Hugot’ director Antoinette Jadaone, she shared her experience while watching ‘Never Not Love You’ with the Indian audience.

Nadine even commented on Direk Tonet’s Instagram post, congratulating her, in which the director replied, “huy congrats sa atin! Sana may pa-next ff pa!:)”

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